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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 9, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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department after a similar spotting caught on camera in 2015. you will most likely be shooting a fun loving person sweating in a gor gorilla costu. heather: bike riding thief riding up to taxi car drivers and stealing cash in new york city. rob: "fox & friends" begins right now. heather: bye. steve: straight to a fox news alert. you are looking live paris, france right now where a manhunt intensifying near paris. police are looking for a driver who deliberately mowed down at least six french soldiers before he sped away. ainsley: you are looking at live press conference. part of antiterrorist unit and had just gone on patrol in northwest suburb of the city. brian: bmw was waiting for the soldiers just outside their barracks and, quote, accelerated quickly when the soldiers came out.
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another, what seems to be so-called low tech attack in france where they have lost at least 230 people and if this adds to that total 230 people in terror attacks since the nice attack with the truck attack two years ago. steve: six injured, two critically. one report says that the unit that was targeted was a specialized unit that was formed after the charlie ebb dough massacre. dough -- hebdo massacre. city of lights, paris, says it is no doubt it was deliberate. ainsley: can you believe that in the suspect allegedly was waiting on them to come out to get into their vehicles or come towards their vehicle and that's when he -- steve: floored it. unbelievable. brian: people have said when they went to paris and i have been there twice, doesn't feel the same. ainsley: have you been there recently. brian: it's been three, four
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years. they say now there is a sense now that the traffic is lower and people don't know what's going to happen next. because these aren't the sophisticated attacks. man jumped up out of a subway and started stabbing about three months ago. we know about the other attacks. we see the car again seemingly targeting people. ainsley: i'm sure it is affecting tourism. there are folks here in the united states who are saying we are going to hold off on our trip to paris or france. steve: stay at home stay cakes. we will update you throughout the morning. brian: also breaking right now, american airlines ready to fight in guam. ainsley: this show of military might coming as north korea'se erratic leader triples down on his threat to nuke the united states. steve: griff jenkins is live in d.c. with alarming new details. griff, good morning. lots to talk about. >> lots to talk about steve, ainsley and brian. guam's governor is trying to calm worried residents after
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threats possible attack vowing the island will be protected and nothing could be reassuring to them than the arrival of pacific air force hots tweeted overnight south dakota airmen arrive on guam conduct bilateral missions witmissionswith japan. ready to fight. miniaturized nuclear war head and u.s. continuing to fly b 1 bombers over the korean peninsula in a show of strength. of course following the president's stern warning to the communist dictator yesterday. guam is home to anderson air force base, guys. that's thousands of troops. it sits some 2,000 miles southwest of pyongyang. the former commander robert that thnatter said this is not a drill. >> this is not a drill. this is very serious and china has to step up and help us put pressure on south korea.
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>> only time will tell if china will step up now in the face of tensions. it is clear from that tweet our forces are ready to go. guys? steve: that's right. they had #fight tonight. griff, thank you very much for joining us live. brian: four minutes after the hour it was yesterday what was supposed to be an opioid conference when a sound bite came out which was not carried life live of the president of the united states responding to threats from north korea. people were taken aback by the rhetoric. i believe it was right on target almost from the day the president became president-elect. north korea has been in our face. they seem to be wanting this confrontation. and yesterday the president had reached his limit. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening beyond a normal statement and
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as i said, they will be met with fire, fury and, frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. ainsley: the north korean state media said the focus could be on guam, the anderson air force base is located there, which houses nuclear capable bombers. and these -- what they have is they have these compact nuclear warheads that can actually fit down on the tip of the missiles and fire those missiles here. how realistic is this? we have a lot of experts on the show today to find out what they're thinking. steve: big news out of "the washington post" they received information that they figured a way to shrink the nuclear war head. they have miniaturized it so they can put it on the top of a missile and shoot it over here. ainsley: what we fired over japan was this big, let's say and this is very small and go inside the missile. steve: technology where it's able to go up and come down safely. they do not have any -- they are not positive the north koreans have figured out how
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to actually have it survive reentry. when you look at the language and the rhetoric of the president some have said, you know, way beyond the measured things we have heard from presidents in the past. when you look at history, when he was talking about be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen, he was essentially echoing what harry truman said in 1945 when he was warning the japanese to accept this rhetoric and demand the surrender. truman said back then they may expect a reign of ruin from the air the like of which has never been seen on the earth was he channeling harry s. truman or sending a message to north korea you know what happened to them when they didn't accept the surrender. pay attention. brian: was the president ad-libbing this or speaking off the tough. it's hard to speak off the top in alit ration. it seems to me thought about it. he seemed to have thought about it keep in mind this president has been very controlled in international
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policy as tense as it has been and challenging as it remains, he has been very tempered internationally. you are talking about a menace that was briefed to him by president obama during the transition saying he would say, wow, i was surprised by what turns out to be my number one challenge when i take office. after 8 years of strategic patience and frustration as president, anybody who is in the white house right now will be doing with the same thing. so the president's rhetoric, i was surprised to see senator mccain, senator feinstein as well as senator cardin all coming out and saying the president is way off base with this. lieutenant colonel oliver north weighed in and this is a tremendous challenge. he didn't have a problem with it. >> >> the threats posed by pyongyang are far more serious than what kennedy faced in the cuban missile crisis. because the soviets wanted to survive the experience. that's why mutually assured destruction worked. the obama administration's
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maligned neglect of the north korean iranian connection in building nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them has allowed kim jong un, rural of one of the poorest nations on earth to rapidly acquire the means of striking the u.s. that's why he is talking the way he is. ainsley: okay. steve: is he talking in the kind of language that mr. kim himself uses. so was he bluffing or is it our intent? it was very clear so far that the administration has, as we have heard many times, all of the options on the table. ainsley: you know, you are right about him being measured. he thought about what he was going to say before because he repeated it twice. steve: he did. ainsley: fire and fury that the world has never seen. he said that exact same statement again. he has all these generals in the white house. i'm sure they sat down. this is such a big issue. this is something that we are all worried about. steve: sure. ainsley: everyone should be worried about it i'm surprised that a few democrats have come out and said they didn't like the way he handled this just because this is such an issue that is affecting everyone in our country. what do they expect? what do they want from our
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president? they don't want him to be tough? brian: it's because it is president trump and they do not so-called the presidential nod in the time of crisis that every other president got. for example, senator chuck schumer from his vacation home says reckless rhetoric is not a way to keep america safe. dianne feinstein president trump is not helping the situation with his bombastic commence. john mccain this is surprising. ainsley: he said. brian: this on a radio station. ainsley: that kind of rhetoric i'm not sure how it helps. steve: after the president said those words they turned around and said you know what? we're thinking about blowing up guam. guam is ready and as we saw from griff's report we are ready to #fight tonight. general jack keane was on the channel late last night. he said regardless of what you think of president trump, he is surrounded by military men and women who know what they are doing. >> here is some things we
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should take solace with. president trump even though he is unexperienced in foreperson and national security has great instincts about it and he has intuitive sense about it i know that from personal conservations. secondly, he has one of best national security teams wrapped around him that this country has ever had. these are stead, calm, measured people that have been in and out of crisis all their adult lives. this is good news for us. i believe that we will avoid war with north korea because we are going to take the action necessary with china, to force them into a position that will create change. it's the only option that makes any sense and once china understands that. then we are going to make some real progress with them. brian: understand the president. remember when he gave kim jong un credit? look, is he a survivor, tough guy. young guy prove himself. how can you give compliments
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to this guy? how can he give him credit. then he pulled back and let his generals talk. now he addresses the threat in the language kim jong un understands. and people have a problem with every single thing he did. yet, nobody wants to say he is our president in time of crisis and dealing with a confrontation not of his doing. can we give him some space? ainsley: i agree. steve: here's the thing. this kim jong un is doing different things than his father or his grandfather did. ainsley: worse. steve: yeah, is he ratcheting it up. the father and the grandfather both used the threat to get stuff to extort stuff from the world. this time he has ratchetinged it up to the point where they have got icbms that have nuclear bombs on the ends of them. what he is doing is thinking this is going to be my general jackpot. what standing between him and his jackpot is china and russia. if they go ahead and crack
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down with the sanctions that were agreed to on saturday at the united nations, that is what general jack keane is talking about. he doesn't think there will be -- this will be a shooting war provided china makes the changes. brian: how do you get china's attention? you tell them japan is going to need some -- their owned that missiles, who knows, bring back nuclear missiles to south korea. then taiwan, it's our obligation to protect them. do you think china wants all this military technology at their cure step because we have to protect our neighbors legitimately and we are intrigued to do so? they don't. why is it happening? because of the neighbor that they actually feed and fuel. so if they don't want to see this in the south korea and taiwan and japan, stop them. okay? you don't have a choice. ainsley: well, we don't want to have to fire missiles. we don't want to have to fire back. we don't want to put ground troops there. but he is giving us no choice. if we get to that point, you have to trust these generals that are the experts in. this we can all give our
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opinions but the generals are the experts. steve: absolutely right. the ball is not in our court right now. right now it's in china's court. see what china does. brian: saw our commanding general yesterday when he said the american people put $800 billioned into the defense department for a reason. this is the reason. meanwhile, straight ahead. a fox news alert. continuing to follow that breaking news in paris. a driver purportedly mowing over a group of soldiers with his car. we are tracking the latest as we do not know where this driver is. steve: we are still more than a year away from the 2018 mid terms. the races are already heating up. scott rasmussen is going to break down what to watch for and are the democrats ready for doom?
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liberty mutual insurance. editor of large and senior fellow at kings college scott rasmussen joins us over here in studio f. good morning to you, scott. >> good morning. steve: so that tease was talking about doom for the democrats. i think -- >> -- that was probably a little strong. steve: they were trying to do a little alit ration. you say the problem for the democrats is geography.
3:18 am
>> regional party. there is more than five times as many counties solidly republican counties. when you start to talk about the midterm elections. you look at the senate races, you see the impact of this. next year, of course, there is 33 seats up in the senate, most of them. i mean republicans aren't going to lose a seat in utah and not going to knock out bernie sanders in vermont. so have you got about 10 competitive races. steve: let's put those up right now. we have got a map so you can go ahead and decipher it for us. >> look at the map 50 safe republican seats. 40 democratic seats. 10 at risk in arizona and nevada. there is 8 seats in the middle, mostly in the midwest that are potentially at risk for democrats. some in missouri and indiana are toss-ups. some like west virginia are leaning towards the democrats but only because joe manchin is so popular. that's a state that went for trump 42 points last night. steve: a good night for democrats would be what?
3:19 am
>> they pick up both of the republican seats at risk. they win arizona, they win nevada. they keep all of their competitive states. steve: all those blue places. >> they sweep all the competitive states. if that happens, we end up a 50-50 tie. that's a good outcome for the democrats. mike pence, of course, still vice president would break the tie. republicans would maintain control in that scenario. if it's 50/50. take a look at the board good night for republicans would be oh have you a lot of states. >> all of a sudden republicans pick up those seats. steve: 60? >> this is a great night. a good night they pick up a toss-up state. and a good night they maybe pick up indiana, montana, a couple of the toss-up states plus protect their own. this is a very credible scenario. republicans end up with 55 seats as we saw in the healthcare debate big difference between having a 52 seat majority and 55 seat majority.
3:20 am
steve: here is the thing. you paint a pretty rosy picture for republicans in the senate. when you look at what the republicans is done in the senate or last six months a lot of people across america are saying, you know, we reelected mitch mcconnell and company to get stuff done and they are not getting it done. >> a lot of republican voters saying why bother? we gave them the white house and the senate and they still didn't repeal obamacare. but, if there is issues, say if there is a supreme court opening, that's an issue republicans will care about. if the economy is picking up, that will benefit the republicans. who knows what's going to happen for being in north korea. even the 10 races we are identifying right now may shift by this time next year. steve: that's a big question mark what's going to happen. >> thanks, steve. steve: coming up. president trump vowing to combat the opioid crisis. >> we will fight this deadly epidemic and the united states will win. steve: how are we going to
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win? dr. nicole saphier is next. hello doctor. >> the veteran firing back after being ordered to remove the american flag from his mail box. this morning we have a big update on that guy. [radio alarm] ♪
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ian mccarthy captured walking along a missouri highway not far from where officer gary michael was killed in cold blood. he opened fire moments after he was pulled over for a traffic stop. the officer returning fire moments before taking his final breath. officer michael was a rookie cop and army veteran. he leaves behind a wife, three kids and a grandchild.
3:25 am
they accepted a critical job, save american lives. now two patriots who helped develop the cia's enhanced interrogation program are headed to trial. the judge green lighting a lawsuit against james mitchell and jess ton move forward. a jury will decide if they are financially liable for the physical and psychological effects of their program. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, jillian. president trump vowing to fight and win the opioid epidemic that's plaguing millions of american families. >> nobody is safe from this epidemic that threatens young and old, rich and poor, urban and rural communities. everybody is threatened. i'm confident that by working with our healthcare and law enforcement experts, we will fight this deadly epidemic and the united states will win. ainsley: here to weigh in on this is dr. nicole saphier. he obviously -- good morning, nicole. >> good morning, ainsley.
3:26 am
ainsley: he obviously wants to tackle this issue setting up that commission with governor chris christie to help folks that are dealing with this problem. how did we come to this point? >> this has been going on for decades. this isn't just something that happened overnight. president trump walked into this. ainsley: why are we hearing about this now then. >> the world is hearing about it and medical community. most of the public has known about it we have had people suffering from addictions and overdoses from overdoses it's coming at alarming where we are seeing 100 people dying a day from an overdose. it's multi-faceted. we have a little bit of overprescribing happening. misuse of the opioids. then you also have wide availability of the illegal forms of it that's coming from all types of places from land, air, sea. ainsley: what's your message for the president this morning? how can we win this war? >> well, i think, you know, i love to hear he is reconfirmed and treating this as an emergency.
3:27 am
the official saying of treating it like i'm an emergency i'm not declaring it an emergency. i don't care how he wants to say it i appreciate is he taking it seriously you can't throw money at treatment programs. that's not necessarily going to do away with it. you can treat the addiction but if you don't alter the supply and demand, you are doing nothing for them. you need to make sure there is more regulation when it comes to the prescribing of prescriptions, make sure they are being utilized appropriately. there are people who really do suffer and they do benefit from these medications. but we need to make sure they are being used appropriately. we also have to make sure that the illegal forms of them are being stopped. that comes with tight border control. and president trump is working on more support with the united states postal office to make sure that they are screening these packages. ainsley: these discussion, is there a chance they will be irradicated? that makes me worry. if you don't have a problem with addiction or you take these pills and only taking half, when you absolutely need it. there are a lot of people watching that are in that situation.
3:28 am
they need the pills. >> a lot of people take opioids for injuries and illnesses and some for psychological trauma. the culture of the american way essentially is we do give pain medication more than elsewhere in the united states. special for acute injuries. breaking of the bone, a surgery. you are not necessarily seeing opiates given much other places for that so maybe in the united states we should really focus on the people who need it. when it comes to the acute pain. ice, other modes that maybe are less addictive, we should definitely try those first. ainsley: dr. nicole saphier. thank you. we are following breaking news out of paris this morning. a driver plowing down six soldiers in what is being called deliberate attack. our military panel is going to react to this live news as it's happening over there in paris. that's coming up next. want to watch "fox & friends" while you are working out? not at this gym because it causes too much drama. if you sd when you brush or floss
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♪ brian: we have got a fox news alert. i wish i didn't have to tell you this. we have a live look outside of paris not because of the scenery but because we have another attack. desperate manhunt underway right now for the driver who deliberately reportedly plowed into at least six anti-terror unit soldiers on patrol before fleeing the scene in his bmw. here to reflect on this yet another attack in a major western city is former cia operative mike baker. former station chief daniel hoffman and security expert ryan morrow. let's start with you, mike. how do you stop this. a guy jumps out of a subway with a knife. somebody else steams over people with in a car. what's going on? >> yeah. the answer and it's unsatisfactorying is you can't stop. going to lock down traffic and search every vehicle? it's not going to happen. you can't minimize this risk down to zero. and, you know, honestly, the french authorities, the security services are very good at what they do. but, this is the world we live in.
3:33 am
and, you know, we try to minimize, disrupt and prevent but you are not going to stop everything. brian: ryan, ramadan is over. we saw one in london and about three in england. and we thought, okay, ramadan is over. it will ratchet down. it's not. >> well, there is that spike during ramadan. that's because they believe the reward when you go to paradise is higher if you die in jihad during that time period. these are people who think they are going to cleanse their sin from their lives if they commit jihad, die in jihad and that's the way they are going to get allah's approval. that's a year around dilemma. they have to deal with get ready for the process here. we see it happens every time. they say of it a lone wolf and that gets debunked because several people get around and it's part of a network. brian: daniel how do we react in the u.s. >> first reaction has to happen in paris. what we would be doing in paris is working very closely with our french liaison partners just to try to
3:34 am
determine the facts. brian: are we there, you think, already? >> our team is there at the embassy working very closely with french liaison with whom we have a close partnership so that we can determine what the facts are. and also determine whether we need to issue any follow-on warnings inside france. because this might not have been the only attack plans. brian: all right. let's shift to the other major crisis. yesterday "the washington post" break as story not all but confirmed not only do they have icbm capabilities, north korea, they can put a miniaturized nuclear war head on a missile. this is a game changer for a lot of american cities and territories. and then we find out that the president of the united states came out and i believe it was scripted and essentially ratcheted up the rhetoric significantly. mike, does this help or hurt? >> well, i think that the comments about, you know, unleashing fire and fury, i don't know. it's speculation as to whether it's scripted or not. i don't know that if it's unscripted that it's helpful. but it is what it is. it's been said so you are not going to put that back in the box.
3:35 am
the interesting thing is as soon as this dia report came out and they tend to be thoughtful and conservative in their analysis, so i think the prudent thing is to assume that the dia information about the numbers is correct. but as soon as it came out, you started to hear this conversation. this narrative about i can't believe this happened so quickly. i can't believe this -- you know, we have ratcheted up to this point so quickly. this is not. this is decades of kicking the can down the road. brian: daniel, what i find amazing is they are focusing on donald trump and his rhetoric fire and fury. when ronald reagan is going africa deaf they say he is a barbarian. mad dog of the middle east. people gave him room and respect. the president is trying to speak in the language that kim jong un maybe understands because complimenting him two months ago didn't go so well. >> right. i think when we look at our wide array of options, including sanctions, for example, deterrence is really important. when the president makes a statement like, this there has been an element of rhetorical escalation. it's actually for the cia
3:36 am
would be a good opportunity for collection, to see how the regime in north korea responds. but it's important for the united states to lay out very clearly how we would respond in the event of a north korean attack. brian: i believe the pressure on china is key in telling the south koreans you are getting mored that missiles. telling japan we are going to bolster your defense. telling taiwan we are going to be there. that's everything china doesn't want. >> and also empowering the north korean people. i don't see any effort right now to build an alternative government. try to rally behind north koreans in order to solve this problem. it's not just about nuclear weapons. it's about the regime itself. by the way, to me there are two headlines here. first headline is north korea miniaturized a north korean headline. second headline is iran miniaturized a north korean war head. anything north korea does. iran has that same exact technology. it is one program. they are not separate. >> that are is absolutely correct. this is the story that is not getting reported at all. is the fact that if you allow a regime, whether it's north
3:37 am
korea or iran, over the years through failed policies or through just willingness to allow them to continue because you at some point you are hoping it will go away as problem, this is where you get to. the decision tree keeps getting smaller and smaller, meaning we have fewer and fewer options. we have basically done the sanctions route and now we are at that point, because we have allowed this to get here over the years, the bush administration, the clinton administration, the obama administration, all this time and now we have almost no options. pass the sanctions. we have got to think what are our military options short of war? brian: dan i want you to weigh in because i have got to toss quick. basically trump handed a grenade. >> north korea is not going to negotiate the end of their nuclear program. it's existential element of kim jong un's national security strategy. it leaves us very few options. if we were to take military action. we have got to be sure to target all of those nuclear weapons. if we leave any behind then
3:38 am
there is ongoing threat to the region and us at home. brian: all happen in microseconds. great, guys. appreciate it jillian, you have the other breaking news happening but we begin with tiger and his plea. jillian: that's right, brian. tiger woods set to plead not guilty to did. ui charges. he won't appear at his florida arraignment hearing was arrested back in may. police found him asleep behind the wheel. he claims he had a reaction to prescription medication and appeared to struggle during sobriety test and also took multiple breathalyzer tests. police reports show he had no alcohol in his blood at the time of his arrest. you want to deradicallize a cold blooded terrorist? easy, just give them a hug. that's the approach one country is taking. denmark is hoping to stop the spread of extremism with its quote hug a jihad program. danel issue in police claim the controversial concept of tweeting radicalized young people with empathy rather
3:39 am
than as criminals has produced results. the tallahassee homeowner's association is now allowing the flag to stay after threatening john ackert with a final saying it didn't meet neighborhood standards. over the weekend he joined "fox & friends" to make his case. >> it stayed there for four years and nobody said anything about it my neighbors never complained about it. i thought it was a little bit of legal bullying and i quite frankly felt that their position was wrong. jillian: the association has yet to say why it's allowing the flag to stay. all right. here's a question. do you want to watch us while you are working out? a lot of people do. now, guess what? you can't do it at one gym in the suburbs of kansas city, missouri. the gym banned all news from their cable tv. move is aimed at cutting down on drama and arguments. gym members say the new policy is ridiculous.
3:40 am
>> if there are four television sets, surely some of them will have something you like. you shouldn't get to say that the other three can't. have what the other people like. that's not what my dad fought for at all. jillian: we want to know what you think about this. make sure you email us at that's a look at your headlines. i know a lot of people watch us at the gym. people tell me that all the time. brian: i do. i look not to watch us because i need a break. for everybody else they have the head set in and looking up at the closed captions. i think it's part of the distraction element. unless you are good afternoon in control room right now brags he wear as tank top and does the cross fit. jillian: tank top thing that's whole another story. brian: here is what we have straight ahead. hitting hbo. threatening to release upcoming game of threatens to oe
3:41 am
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because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪ ♪ brian: glad you're up. quick headlines now. the magic is about to end. disney is pulling all its movies from netflix. ♪ ♪ brian: i could watch that again and again. the company is pulling a way to create its own streaming service in 2019. also roll out an espn service next year. and as netflix says goodbye to one client. they are picking up another. david letterman is going back to the small screen. the former late show legend is making a new deal for a new
3:45 am
show. interview extraordinary people on six long episodes. he had a great line. he said if i want to spend more time with my family, don't do what i did. i should have asked my family first. already sick of them. ainsley, steve? ainsley: hackers playing hard ball with hbo threatening to dump data, including new episodes of game of thrones. unless the network pays a multi-million-dollar ransom. steve: wow. this comes as the expert who came up with those complicated password rules we have been forced to follow for years is wrong. no matter how many symbols you throw in there the hackers can still figure it out. ainsley: how can we keep our safe online mashable tech editor pete joins us now. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. ainsley: this is interesting. this guy who came up you need to put a symbol and letter and has to be capital. is he now saying i was wrong. forget all of that? >> basically those alphabet soup passwords that we have been encouraged to use on
3:46 am
every service for how many years really aren't the strongest passwords you can get. it's actually to a computer whether it's alphabet soup thing or just a bunch of words, it's just as easy to crack. so you might as well use something that you can actually remember now the better way instead of using those bizarre passwords is to use like a pass phrase and use like three or four words, because that's much longer so that's much harder for are a computer to crack and easier for people to remember, which is the key. steve: give us an example. >> the classic example is like horse battery staple correct. four words. steve: all in lower case? >> it doesn't really matter. you can if you want. the key thing is these are four words that you could probably remember. actually paints kind of a picture in your head or battery staple, correct. it's much harder for a computer to crack. because those words don't really go together. you would never think to put those together. that's the classic example. if you actually googled those
3:47 am
words i would not use that exact phrase. you could make up whatever you want. clown refrigerator eat there. steve: what's going on in your head because you put those four together. a lot of people overshare on social media. don't ever use any of the information you share on social media in your password. >> oh, absolutely. your. steve: your dog's name. your wife's name. your sister's name. >> generally on social media, keep the personal info to a minimum. just like those -- because honestly if a hacker comes at you, they are probably not going for your password. what they are going to try is a social engineering technique. probably going to call up the service they want to hack in to pretending they are you trying to do a password reset they might be able to achieve that if they know exact birth date and last four of your social. ainsley: is there a way to remember all of your passwords. steve: don't write them down and leave them next to the computer. >> that's a bad idea. one of the rules that is a
3:48 am
good one is having a different password for every service. ainsley: how do you remember. >> that's a problem. there are good services out there that actually help you with this. one of them is called last pass. another one is called password. ainsley: i'm writing these down. store all your passwords and online. >> encrypted they have not been hacked yet. >> not yet. >> they are in the business of keeping these things secure and it's obviously very important to them. now, if you don't want to use one of those services like google and apple they have actually built in stuff on their browser that can you use. steve: interesting good advice. thank you for joining us from mashable. thank you, sir. ainsley: thank you. steve: more signs obamacare apparently imploding as nevada is losing largest insurance provider. how long is it going to take. the health and human services on that in the next hour. ainsley: and this morning we are remembering glen campbell with someone who knew him well. larry gatlin, one of his
3:49 am
friends is going to join us live next ♪ all the day long ♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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♪ like a rhinestone cowboy ♪ riding out on a horse ♪ in a star spangled rodeo. brian: loss of legendary entertainer glen campbell. ainsley: campbell roa rode into super star status rhinestone cowboy being inducted into the country music hall of fame he died yesterday at the age of 81 years old. steve: the original wichita lineman glenn campbell. with a look back at his life
3:53 am
is one of glen's closest friends. performed with him country singer larry gatlin. he wasn't glen to you he was humble. >> he was humble. we all had nicknames in nashville in the 70's. he was humble. the late great dotty west was beulah. steve: where did humble come from. >> there is a little town called humboldt, tennessee. he called me proctor. the last time i saw him live singing was at the reiman auditorium three or four years ago. i went back after the show. he was marvelous. he played and sang, you know. he went back and i talked to kim, his beautiful wife. she said there we are singing at the north vegas i went back and said larry, don't get your feelings hurt if he doesn't remember you. he is having trouble. i walked in there and took a chance. i said hi there humboldt and he said hey proctor how are you and hugged me. that was the next to last time i saw him. the last time i saw him was he
3:54 am
in the care for alzheimer's was not good. we sat there and his buddy carl jackson i sang him a few songs. he got a little glimpse of it but he was not the humboldt that i knew. ainsley: what was he like as a person? >> he was great. he was fun-loving. that little clip you showed he said i'm happy to be here. then he said i'm happy to be anywhere. i whispered behind him especially considering some of the things you used to do. steve: this is one of the shows that made him a big star glen campbell good time hour. >> he was entertainer. i spoke to vince gill yesterday. one of the press releases i did i said yesterday at around 2:00 p.m. vince gill became the best singer guitar player alive because until then glen campbell was the best singer and guitar player. vince said you are right. we lost a good one. he had a wonderful since of
3:55 am
humor. invite him to the golf tournament. next time i played golf with him he said why didn't you invite me i said glen i know you get 100 of these a year. i didn't want you to have to come do it. he said you cheated me out of a chance to be a blessing to somebody. that's the kind of guy he was. i miss him. but he is in a better -- i want to go to del frisco today and eat a piece of dead cow and my friend is eating angel food cake. ainsley: we interviewed his daughter who is a singer and song writer about a month and a half ago. and they were talking about his new album or his latest album and it was called adios. which is interesting because he had been diagnosed and was at the grave part of that disease. this is a clip of the interview with them. >> he is happy all the time, you know. singing and he has lost his ability to speak. what's nice is that sometimes his funny personality still shines through and he will, you know, make a joke, even
3:56 am
though it won't be with language really. brian: his daughter did record a song. you were just watching it in the break. people should download that today. >> i heard her sing it on the family reunion show that we do. and i later hosted her on the grand ole opry and she didn't sing it i said, please, i will give back one of my songs in this deal come sing. all it says is we will talk, daddy, i will talk to you daddy, until you can't even remember my name. don't worry, daddy. i will do the remembering. so ashley, come sing that song. it's wonderful. brian: everyone should download it today. >> everyone ought to do it. steve: or glen campbell greatest hits. >> no one could sing as glen travis campbell also known as humboldt. brian: i'm very glad you came in to talk about it because very few people knew him better. ainsley: god bless you. steve: still to come on this wednesday senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the president's expectations are just too excessive. so are they?
3:57 am
brian: i could not believe that. plus hhs secretary tom price live deputy assistant to the secretary gorka to bring us live inside the administration. what's on deck for them? this isn't a vacation. they are working. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 subaru outback models. now through august 31.
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oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. steve: right now we start this hour 7:00 in new york city. you are looking live at a picture in paris, france where a terror investigation is underway after a driver deliberately mowed down six soldiers outside a paris suburb before speeding away in a bmw. ainsley: manhunt intensifying for the driver who authorities say was waiting in his dark bmw just outside of the barracks and accelerated quickly when the soldiers came out to go on patrol. brian: so this is a bub bush right off paris. three of six soldiers seriously hurt. part of anti-terror unit guarding the city since the deadly 2015 terror attacks. it's amazing as we look at the
4:01 am
number of attacks in and around paris. since february, you have got a man armed with a machete attacking four soldiers. in april an extremist shot and killed a policeman. in june a 40-year-old algerian doctor pledged allegiance to the islamic group and attacked a policeman with a hammer. then you have in august, that was -- that was last saturday, an 18-year-old arrested with a knife shouting allahu akbar, told investigators he wanted to kill a soldier. steve: you know where he was. he was at the eiffel tower. this was according to the mayor of this particular suburb of paris without a doubt a deliberate act. you know what's interesting about this. because this is a barracks where they had staged a number of exercises over the past. residents in that neighborhood heard the ambulances and the emergency services vehicles, they thought it was a drill. but as it turns out, it was not a drill. this is exactly what they prepare for. this was some guy who is
4:02 am
trying to kill, apparently. ainsley: either that or they thought it was a drill or they thought hey we are used to this. this seems to happen continuously in paris. so many americans who don't want to go over there now because they are worried. also learning that investigators are targeting places where tourists go such as the eiffel tower. steve: on saturday the guy with the knife yelling allahu akbar. he has been hospitalized and under psychiatric evaluation. brian: you can imagine the sense of tension is extremely heightened at this hour. we will bring you the latest as the manhunt continues guys with seemingly i guess driving at one point a bmkw. i don't know what they're in now. maybe on foot. this is also not a drill american airmen ready to fight in guam. ainsley: this show of military might coming as north korea's erratic leader crazy guy triples down on his threat to nuke the united states. steve: griff jenkins is live in washington, d.c. with alarming new details. griff? >> steve, ainsley and brian.
4:03 am
good morning. worried residents on guam can take comfort and reassurance in the face of these north korean threats of an attack as south dakota airmen arrive ready to fight. tweeting this overnight south dakota airmen arrive on guam conduct bilateral missions with japan and republic of korea. u.s. ready to #fight tonight. this on the heels of escalating tensions and troubling news that the rogue regime has developed the miniaturized nuclear war head. guam is home to anderson air force base and thousands of troops sitting some 2,000 miles southeast of pyongyang armed with the high teched that missile defense system as b 1 bombers conducted flights over the korean peninsula this week and follow the president's stern warning to the communist dictator. former commander of the atlantic fleet admiral robert natter said our finger is now on the trigger. >> any ships at sea or aircraft are going to have their fingers on the trigger with any encounter with the north koreans.
4:04 am
>> what's key to watch for now, guys, is whether or not china will step up. either way, our forces are ready to go. the air force's motto is aim high, fly, fight, win. guys? ainsley: all right. thank you. hopefully china will continue to support us. at least they did with the sanction deal voting 15-0. brian: i will tell you what, the president ratcheted it up yesterday. it seemed deliberate. we are still trying to find out. he sat there with his arms crossed. talking about opioids. this a short time after his briefing and going through this, hearing where we are at. he went out of his way to say this about the north korean threat. he is fed up. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening, beyond a normal statement. and as i said, they will be
4:05 am
met with fire, fury and, frankly, power. the likes of which this world has never seen before. steve: okay. so after the president of the united states was trying to deter north korea. what did north korea do? they turned around and said you know what sphwheer thinking about blowing up guam. that was detailed in griff's report. but when you think about it, that is about the dumbest thing north korea could possibly do. that would be a suicide mission. because if they were to take a shot at guam, retaliation would be complete. if they are going to take one shot. it's not going to be at guam. right now though, the strategy of the american government is to try to have the vice grip sanctions from china and russia work and bring them to their knees financially. nonetheless, as you wake up this morning. keep in mind. on the fourth of july, kim jong un had a gift to the world. and that was the fact that he had both a missile that could hit alaska.
4:06 am
and on the 28th of july he had one that could hit california. and then, of course, "the washington post" yesterday had the realization, according to intel sources that apparently he had figured away to put a miniature nuclear bomb on the top of a missile. the good news is, there is no evidence that it could survive reentry into the atmosphere. ainsley: how quickly it could make it to you, to me, to your family. look at this map. we will show you how long it would take to reach new york, chicago, los angeles, and hawaii. not very long. let me see my eyesight is not great. to new york it's going to be 38 to 39 minutes. chicago 37 to 38 minutes. los angeles 33 to 34. and hawaii 20 minutes. brian: i remember bill clinton in the late 90's talked about north korea if they ever try to use a nuclear weapon pointless to try to develop it. if they use them it would be the end of their country. remember when we were threatened by ca qaddafi.
4:07 am
people are willing to accept that kind of rhetoric. some reason when our current president says fire and fury will be coming your direction shock and awe of 2017. people seem to have a problem with that and democrats are weighing in. panel weighed in on the threat itself. our military panel. here is what they told us about 30 minutes ago. >> we have allowed us to get here over the years. the bush administration, the clinton administration, the obama administration now we have almost no options. pass the sanctions. we got to think what our military options short of war? >> anything that north korea does we have to operate under the assumption that iran has that same exact technology. it is one program. they are not separate. >> if we were to take military action, we have got to be sure to target all of those nuclear weapons. if we leave any behind then there is ongoing threat to us in the region and us at home. brian: think of general dunford and general kelly as chief of staff as well as general mcmaster fully
4:08 am
realize that. ainsley: kim jong un is not leaving them much of a choice. they are the experts. they are going to give the president the best advice. all three of those guys on the panel said there is not much of an option left because of past presidents and past administrations. this guy is crazy. we have got to prevent him from killing all of us. steve: he may be crazy, but in the past, u.s. presidents have used more measured language and that is why a number of members of the u.s. senate didn't like what the president said yesterday. chuck schumer said reckless rhetoric is not a strategy to keep america safe. dianne feinstein also a democrat. she is from california. said president trump is not helping the situation with his bombastic comments. ainsley: those didn't really surprise me. those are democrats. this one kind of did. steve: maybe. senator john mccain who has never been much of a trump supporter said that kind of rhetoric i am not sure how it helps. you know, keep in mind. we have heard some opinions over the last day or so about what is going on there. in this case, some of the
4:09 am
supporters of the president say look, the president is just using the language that mr. kim uses. maybe he will understand that because nothing any presidents in the past have used have worked so far. brian: it is perfect. we have military might there. we paid for it and unfortunately this is a threat that could hit america. what else do you want the president to say? meanwhile, i'm very surprised about the majority leader in the senate. went to his rotary club speech and i hate to miss them but this one was taped thankfully. here are highlights. mitch mcconnell saying the lack of legislative accomplishments not his fault but rookie president and lack of legislative experience. listen. >> part of the reason, i think that the story line is that we haven't done much is because, in part, the president and others have set these early time lines about things need to be done by a certain point. our new president has, of course, not been in this line of work before. and i think had excessive
4:10 am
expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. ainsley: hard to let things happen when we are on a recess. when we are on a break. is he talking about the time line. they have -- the president was saying i want all this done in six months. but they keep taking breaks. steve: keep in mind, when the president was elected and shortly after he took the keys to air force one, you had the leaders of the house and the senate come out with well we have 100 day plan or 200 day plan. i saw both of them talking about their plans in the last couple of days as they reviewed how little they had gotten done. look, the american people have been watching the dysfunction in the u.s. senate and they are fed up to here. wait a minute, those people we voted for who said they were are going to do a certain thing were given the chance to do that thing, didn't do it. now we're steamed. brian: that's anti-leadership. no accomplishments, not my fault it's the rookie president.
4:11 am
you want to say the distractions that came outs the tweets, the arguments the russia stuff. okay. some of the president's fault some of it is isn't. in terms of legislative accomplishments seven and a half years to replace obamacare had to come up with a plan they had none. when three republicans didn't do it, you blame the president for rushing you and then you go on vacation after you pledge to work through august? that is unacceptable to me. i don't care what party you are from. that is a lack of work ethic that's the anti-leadership that's destroying washington. steve: ed rollins who was ronald reagan's campaign director said it's time for mitch mcconnell to go. ditch mitch. ainsley: drain the swamp. steve: jillian has headlines. jillian: that's right. it's wednesday. we are approaching. ainsley: i know the weekend. jillian: it is a busy wednesday. get you caught up on what you need to know.
4:12 am
after intense around the clock searching cop killer is behind bars. walking along missouri highway not far from where he was murdered in cold blood. mccarthy fired his guns moments after michael pulled him over for a traffic stop. the officer returning fire moments before taking his final breath. officer michael was a rookie cop and army veteran. he leaves behind, three kids and a grandchild. they accepted a job save american lives. now two patriots who helped develop the cia's enhanced interrogation program are headed to trial. a judge green lights an aclu lawsuit against psychologist james mitchell and john jessen to move forward. a jury will now decide if they are financially liable for the physical and psychological effects of their programs. a dangerously close call between iranian drone and u.s. fighter jet. u.s. officials say the unarmed aircraft got to within 100 feet of a plane trying to land on aircraft carrier in the persian gulf.
4:13 am
the drone ignoring radio warnings before backing down. first time iranian drone has been aggressive with u.s. forces. it comes at pelc has authorized military action to destroy or track any drone seen as a threat to the united states. that's a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you guys and see you in a little bit. steve: within 100 feet that's bad. ainsley: thank you, jillian. soldiers were mowed down in an deliberate attack in paris. a massive manhunt now for that driver. what are investigators exactly looking for? counter terror expert jim hanson reacts to this breaking news as it is happening there in paris. that's next. brian: and, ainsley, wish you could live like president trump? now you can. ♪ can't change us ♪ ugh. heartburn.
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is that the rest of our food? what? no. how come you have cheese in your beard? because switching to geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. oh! ok. geico. because saving 15% or more on car insurance is always a great answer. whoa! gross! steve: a fox news alert. a fox new 1:17 in the afternoon looking live outside a suburb in paris as they are looking for a driver who mowed down six soldiers before fleeing the scene.
4:18 am
jim hanson led counter terror operations in the army in special forces joins us for reaction. jim, we can put up a map that shows the number of terror attacks around paris and the environment over there in the last couple of years. there should not surprise anybody. especially such a soft target a bunch of soldiers outside a barracks getting ready to go dowork. >> yes. unfortunately the only question we have here here was this a member of the local community or was this an infiltrator among the refugees or migrants. they are looking for jihaddist, they know that hopefully they will find him shortly. it proves those soldiers on patrol were necessary because the threat is real and it's everywhere. steve: indeed. meanwhile talk about that top story and that is north korea. north korean state run television has just announced in the last five minutes apparently after holding him for a couple of years they have just released a canadian pastor. this on the heels of the fact that kim jong un has made it very clear that he is rattling some atomic sabers and our
4:19 am
president yesterday said that north korea, if they do anything, will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. tough words. but this is a situation where there is kind of a crazy guy over on ther end. >> and the bottom line is all those people who are quaking in their boots over the president's hyperbolic rhetoric, doesn't it seem to have worked. president trump threatens to turn north korea into a flaming waste land and the next day they are releasing prisoners and looking a little bit like they might play ball. you know, all he had to do, kim had to do was ask assad in syria what a flood of incoming tomahawks look like or ask the taliban and afghanistan who met the mother of all bombs, but they are not available for comment. so i think the president made a very real threat and it was taken seriously. and, good. that's what we want. we want them to stop. we don't want war but they have to believe it will happen if they don't. steve: absolutely. maybe the rhetoric of the sanctions has scared them. what do you think is going to
4:20 am
happen with china? do you think china is going to wake up and realize we mean business? >> you know, right now, i certainly hope that our diplomatic and economic pressure is getting ratcheted all the way up to 11. you know, it's time for that. it's time for china to understand that since we will take military action, if they don't take diplomatic and economic action, it's in their best interest not to have hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming out of north korea into china. so i think they will actually come to their senses. they are the ones who can stop the flow of oil and food and money to the kim jong un regime. steve: absolutely. the big question is will they? i hope. so all right. jim hanson, we thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks, steve. steve: 7:20 here in new york city. chicago mayor rahm emanuel keeping his focus on keeping his sanctuary city status. what's really at stake? our next guest is a former new york city police department officer who says there are 2 million reasons why the
4:21 am
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across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ steve: time now for news by the numbers. 6.2 million. that's how many job openings there are in the united states right now. 6.2 million. the june numbers record high according to the u.s. department of labor. next, nearly 31%, that's how much deportations have gone up under president trump. according to the department of justice, federal courts ordered more than 57,000 people to leave the country between february and july of this year. and finally, 725 bucks. that's how much it will cost to you spend a night at president trump's childhood home. it's up for rent on air b and b in queens, new york. the house sleeps 20.
4:25 am
even as a cardboard cut out of you know who. all right. 725 bucks. ainsley? ainsley: are you kidding me? steve: that's it. ainsley: we need to do it. that's awesome. thanks, steve. attorney general jeff sessions slamming chicago for obstructing federal immigration laws after the city sues the trump administration over its threat to cut off federal grants to so-called sanctuary cities. well, now the mayor of chicago rahm emanuel is defending the lawsuit. listen. >> we are a welcoming city and always will be. and the fact is, by forcing us or the police department to choose between the values of the city and the philosophy of the police department, i think it's a false choice and actually undermines our actual public safety agenda. brian: is that true? so what's at stake for chicago? what about for you and your city if they do the same thing? how about $3.2 million for the edward byrne memorial grant nypd officer killed in the line of duty back in 1988. joining us right now is the
4:26 am
president of the nypd sergeant of the benevolent's association ed mullins. they are in battle in chicago and new york city to be a sanctuary city. they say leave us alone. we will lose the money. what do you say? >> we are a nation of laws. and the spin that's occurring right now to blame the department of justice and attorney general sessions is just completely wrong. he is fulfilling his obligation to uphold his office enforcement of laws. and this whole criteria for grant money was established under the obama department of justice for their program that they did last july. so in order to comply for federal grants, you have to meet the criteria of following federal laws. you don't get to pick and choose what laws we follow. we are supposed to have equal protection under the law. brian: if you find somebody who is not a citizen, illegal you are supposed to notify ice. >> correct. brian: they don't want to. >> they refuse to.
4:27 am
it's not a question they don't want to. they just refuse to. brian: why are they protecting people breaking the law. >> it's political. they feel they have a voting base that they think is going to side with their elections when they come up, ultimately, what they are doing is harboring criminals, and just recently in suffolk county there was about 36 sex offenders all arrested, who are illegal immigrants. so, this isn't about illegal immigrants. it's about criminals who happen to be illegal immigrants. ainsley: sends a message to criminals saying you can get away with it here. stats 400 murders this year compare that to other cities new york and l.a. new york 160 so far l.a. 155. you combine those two cities on the bottom they don't reach what chicago is facing. >> the problem in chicago isn't the police department. it's the mayor and the policies. and until the people in chicago wake up and do
4:28 am
something about it, they are going to continue with those policies. brian: ed, know what this is? what's more important american citizens or illegals here. i will put illegal criminals on that. i'm protecting illegal criminals and standing up for what i believe to be in order to get what is perceived to be the hispanic vote. >> well, there is another component to that that we are not protecting the people and the communities where illegals live. this talk that they won't make police reports. they are also the victims of these crimes. so, this is kind of like a false bottom that's being laid out here. you know, protecting illegals when the truth of the matter is there is a lot of -- brian: he is suing for illegals against american citizens. that is the criteria. he thinks is he standing up and comparing it to his parents coming here 100 years ago. it has nothing to do with your parents. >> completely opposite. brian: your parents signed a gust book. >> completely opposite. defending criminals. this no different than us not complying with another state that wants to extradite a
4:29 am
prisoner. very similar. the difference to that is that these individuals are illegal. brian: all right. ed mullins the law enforcement perspective on this. thank you. ainsley: thank you. thank you for serving our community. brian: coming up straight ahead. more signs obamacare is imploding as nevada loses largest insurance provider. how long will it take for congress to get something done. hhs secretary tom price here on that next. ainsley: and an update on the professor sparking outrage for letting his students change their grades if they get stressed out. this morning that professor is responding to all the critics. ♪ we didn't start the fire ♪ >> announcer: no one loves a road trip like your furry sidekick! so when your "side glass" gets damaged... [dog barks] trust safelite autoglass to fix it fast. it's easy! just bring it to us, or let us come to you, and we'll get you back on the road!
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about the risks and benefits of bexsero and if vaccination with bexsero is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait. ♪ >> i think the president -- what the president is doing is sending a strong message to north korea in language that kim jong un would understand because he doesn't seem to understand diplomatic language. i think the president just
4:33 am
wanted to be clear to the north korean regime that the u.s., you know, unquestionable ability to defend itself will defend itself and its allies and i think it was important that he deliver that message to avoid any miscalculation on their part. steve: there have you got the secretary of state rex tillerson on diplomatic mission responding to the fact some are wondering why the president of the united states used such firm imagery yesterday when he said of the threat from north korea we will meet fire and fury like the world has never seen before. and essentially what he just said was he is using, the president is using that kind of language, that kind of rhetoric because that's the kind of stuff mr. kim uses and maybe he will understand. brian: a month ago we complimented him and said he is a good leader survived a tough situation, young guy. how could you compliment him? he was trying to play to his ego to see if he could talk him off the cliff. clearly that didn't work. that was the latest from
4:34 am
ourselves rex tillerson and continue to follow that story. ainsley: in the meantime let's bring in tom price. he is the secretary of health and human services. good morning to you, dr. price. >> hey, ainsley. good to be with you. thank you. ainsley: we are learning today another insurance company is pulling out of obamacare. it's a huge insurance company, anthem largest provider of blue cross, blue shield. what do you know about this? >> we are seeing this all across the nation. that is is insurers are realizg that the obamacare exchange doesn't work. can't provide the kind of coverage for folks at the prices that exist and make it work. consequently they are saying we can't do this anymore. which is why congress needs to act. the fact that congress didn't act earlier this month doesn't mean the problem goes away. what we're looking for is patient-centered healthcare where patients and families and doctors are making decisions, not washington, d.c. and we need to move in a direction where people can actually gain coverage. we have got about 40% of the counties in this nation next year that will no longer have -- that will have only one insurer providing coverage on the exchange.
4:35 am
that means they have no choice at all. that's not working for patients. steve: sure. and dr. price, so many people are disappointed that the senate didn't get anything done a couple weeks ago. then have you got mitch mcconnell the majority leader yesterday at the was at the rotary club out in kentucky. essentially he said the problem, you know, folks don't be disappointed, the problem was the president's excessive expectations for getting stuff done in washington. you have been in congress for a long time. what's your message to mitch mcconnell? >> well, both folks in the house and the city on both sides of the aisle, frankly have said obamacare doesn't work and it needs to be either repealed or fixed. so, the onus is on congress. the president and his administration, we here at hhs are doing every single thing we can to make certain that patients are able to seat doctor that they want. steve: dr. price you are absolutely right. but what about when the mitch mcconnell says the president has excessive expectations. >> the president only has expectations by individuals he
4:36 am
was told by individuals in office when he was running in office and constituents across this land. people understand this isn't working and consequently congress needs to enact a direction that allows for patient centered healthcare. brian: i understand he couldn't get 60 votes. i remember had you a plan to replace obamacare. a detailed plan. we didn't see any plan. we didn't even know -- we didn't know what the house wanted. we didn't know what the senate wanted. we ended kicking something to the conference and write it on the fly. what happened to the plans that were supposed to be ready to go? >> well, in fairness to both the house and the senate. the house actually passed a piece of legislation that we believe would move in a better direction. the senate proposed a piece of legislation that we think was a significant improvement over where we are right now. they couldn't get the votes. again, that doesn't mean that the challenge goes away. and so it's incumbent upon congress to come back to town, when they come back to town, and get to work and make certain that we move in a much better direction from a healthcare standpoint. ainsley: dr. price, we are hearing that all of our
4:37 am
healthcare costs are going to go up next year. we have seen them go up every single year. it's hundreds of dallas, sometimes thousands of dollars for premiums every month. is that true? will we see more of a rise next year, too. >> yeah, ainsley, the average exchange has doubled 105% over the past three or four years. that's with the previous administration. the fact that congress hasn't acted means that those increases are going to continue. you can't have insurance companies out there continuing in a system that doesn't work and allow them to be able to cover their costs. that's the challenge that we have right now. that's why change needs occur. brian: congressman, are you going to encourage the president to make the payments to keep obamacare going until you come up with something better or are you going to let it die and not make the payments. >> it's being worked through. as you know, i'm the defendant in that case. it's now house v. pryc price. i'm not able to comment upon it what i am able to comment on is those payments were illegal. un. connell: constitutional.
4:38 am
that's working its way through the course court. the fact if congress acts we can solve that problem and many others. brian: got to come to work first. how about the opioid epidemic did you not declare a state of emergency why not even though your plan seems to be very laser focused. >> this opioid crisis across the land knows no bounds. 52,000 overdos deaths in 2015. the deaths increasing deaths are going up in 2016 and 2017. the president understands this and appreciates the magnitude of the challenge and has charged us along with others in his administration to come forward with a strategic plan to solve this challenge. we are working through it at hhs and the prevention and the treatment and the recovery phase. we have got all sorts of issues that we're bringing to the table and making certain that we can solve this challenge for the american people. i have had the privilege of going across the country, visiting with folks. i can tell you that there is tragedy. but there is also hope. we met with a nurse the other day in colorado springs who lost her job and lost her
4:39 am
child because of her addiction. she has been clean now for three or four years. got her job back and her daughter back. those are the kinds of things that we need to be able to do for our fellow citizens. steve: it is a desperate situation. ainsley: that just shows you how strong these drugs are. steve: no kidding. let us know when you come out with the plan officially. thank you, dr. price. >> take care. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian. jillian: right over here. nice to join you downstairs today. get you caught up before you leave the door. plan to give the illegal residents one maryland city has been postponed. college park city council says it received serious phone threats over the idea. extra police were on hand as a precaution. plan would allow noncitizens to vote in local elections only. 10 other cities have similar laws but but city park. the nationwide outrage for letting students change their grades to reduce stress? you remember this story.
4:40 am
guess what? he is now forced to do an about face. campus reform university of georgia is making dr. richard watson remove stress reduction policy. media backlash played a role in revising the syllabus. the grading system will now be based on performance. this is why you don't mess with texas, all right? surveillance video showing two business owners fighting off a pair of armed robbers. you can see the father and son duo leap into action at their cell phone shop as soon as the crooks pull out their guns, the men wrestling the robbers to the ground and pushing them out of the store. they are still on the run by the way. store owner fought bark because he worked too hard to let people steal from him and the music world is mourning the loss of a legend, glenn campbell ♪ is still on the line ♪
4:41 am
jillian: wrote the song after growing up poor in a small town. in 2011 he was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease. he released a final album in june called adios. larry gatlin joined us earlier to tell us about the man he knew as humboldt. >> we all had nicknames in nashville in the 70's. he called me proctor. the last time i saw him live singing at the rhyme reiman auditorium. larry, don't get your feelings hurt if he doesn't remember you. you know, he is having trouble. i just walked in there and took a chance. i said hi there humboldt. he said hey proctor. how are you and hugged me. jillian: dolly parton also tweeting glen campbell was one of the greatest voices of all time. i will always love you. he was 81. definitely sad news to wake up to this morning. steve: he was on this program a number of times. and he was terrific guest and a great guy. in his later years, i just got
4:42 am
a note from a friend of his said that glen's wife said he could not remember words to speak but he could remember the words to songs. jillian: isn't that incredible? steve: thank you, jillian. brian: talking about incredible. janice dean is outside. janice: i'm incredible or hot cars? steve: both. janice: excellent answer. i'm doing weather from nissan roadster one of the hot summer cars. muscle cars we are going to be talking about coming up on "fox & friends." first of all, let's take a look at your not so summertime temperatures across much of the east coast. we have got this cold front that has dipped as far as south as the central u.s. and so cooler temperatures -- although it's going to be 82, 83 here in new york, which is great. just watching showers and thunderstorms across the mid-atlantic and southeast as well as the four corners region up towards the you were midwest. so stay tuned. we will have more weather and we will have more hot cars coming your way. woo!
4:43 am
ainsley: thank you, janice. we have more headlines including this story. a fox news alert, soldiers mowed down in a deliberate attack in paris. a massive manhunt now for that driver, dr. sebastian gorka is going to react live from the house in the next hour. steve: and mark zuckerberg 2020? the new sign that he has his eye on 1600 pennsylvania avenue. that's next. ♪ parking lot party ♪ ♪ i needed something more to help control my type 2 diabetes. my a1c wasn't were it needed to be. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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4:47 am
brian: rob, do you think he is going to do it? what evidence do we have? >> well, we do have some evidence, guys. good morning. if you watched the movie, the social network, the film portrayed mark zuckerberg as one of the most awkward people you could ever encounter that came up with an idea to change the world. some people think he is trying to flip that image carrots plat particular politician with eyes on the white house. he denies this right now. it does appear he is testing the waters. making some moves in familiar places. moves we typically see politicians make like eating with the locals in iowa and hight the basketball court in swing state north carolina with roy williams. we should say zuckerberg is currently on a mission to go to all 50 states and neat the locals. that could explain that then we learned that zuckerberg hired joel benson to work at his charity which already has a former obama advisor on the payroll as well.
4:48 am
a democratic strategist told fox news if zuckerberg is planning to run he has one big hurdle and this is connecting with women. women don't seem to fare as well in the company after a major female hiring push last year still at facebook it's about two thirds men. two things though that voters would surely love are things that put our current president in the white house. zuckerberg not just another politician desperate for promotion, trying to get to the pinnacle of that political career also a billionaire not beholden to any special interest. not looking to get rich off of politics like some people in politics appear to be. steve: what are the odds that a billionaire businessman can be elected president of the united states? >> i would say very slim. we have never seen it happen. ainsley: ronald reagan would do this he georgia. they ended up loving him. after. rob: suave. when you hear zuckerberg talk, yikes. ainsley: yeah, but we all love facebook.
4:49 am
rob: okay. brian: i love trump tower. it seems very nice. i will say this, he also made another savvy move. is he no longer an atheist. ainsley: really? you buried the lead. brian: you can't get elected president in this country as an atheist. ainsley: what is he now? brian: i think is he going for jewish. rob: he said religion is very important. steve: he was born jewish and he believes that religion is very important in a person's life. ainsley: good. brian: good job, rob we will see. a democrat candidate for congress being shunned by his own party because they found out he is pro-life. so much for being inclusive. he will join us live next. steve: we are checking out the coolest new muscle cars out right now. including one that has been banned because it simply is too fast. ♪ bad to the bone ♪ bad bad bad bad bad ♪ bad bad bad bad bad ♪ bad bad bad bad bad ♪ bad to the bone
4:50 am
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call today. comcast business. built for business. ♪ ainsley: hey, everyone, summer means hot weather and even hotter cars. that's why we have this year's best muscle cars on the plaza. they are all featured in the next issue of motor trend magazine and editor and chief ed low is here to tell us more about them. >> this is the nissan z. roadster. ainsley: so cute. >> it is. based on the democrats son z. car. just under 50 grand. it's beautiful. suits you nicely in this red color. ainsley: it's so fun. it comes in a lot of different colors. >> top goes down in 20 seconds. ainsley: brian has the bmw. brian: what would this cost me.
4:54 am
>> as it sits the car is about $50,000 with all of the extra arrow treatment, special wheels and racing stripes 70 grand. have you got to put the clutch. in actually, i think it's started. there you go. >> there you go. this is a track special. brian: fantastic. how much in accessories? >> about $20,000. brian: okay. fantastic. i will keep it. janice: i will buy it for you. i'm already keeping this one. ed, camaro. 1980s better than a camaro. >> this is the new all generation 6 camaro. red line tradition. red trim everywhere inside and out on the wheels on the sides and upfront. janice: are we having come back. >> we are 455-horsepower. very quick about twice as much power as your average. janice: not your mom's van. >> not your mom's minivan. steve: ed, come on over here,
4:55 am
this is the fastest production car in america? >> this is the fastest car on the drag strip for sure. all new dodge demon limited run. only 3,000 will be made. 840-horsepower if you have the special red key. go take a look. there is one chair. >> one seat because it's lightened for racing. no passenger seat. no rear seats. if you want to see these things run on the streets, they are street legal. and we're going to be racing them this weekend in detroit at an event called road kill night. run that on the street. steve: one of these. >> a bunch of these with a bunch of celebrity drivers. they are so fast they're banned by the nhra they run the quarter mile in under 10 seconds. steve: are these particular tires street legal. >> they are just barely street legal but 100 percent street league. janice: barely. >> if it's raining you want to park this and take the minivan.
4:56 am
steve: i know a guy that's buying one. todd the car guy. >> the sound is amazing. steve: listen. >> put on the brake, there you go. [revving engine] janice: oh, yeah. >> $80,000 as it sits. and amazing car. you can see them run on the street in detroit this weekend at road kill night. janice: come to momma. steve: ed lowe. thank you very much. we are going to step aside. dr. gorka joins us live from the white house. what's up with north korea? we're going to ask the doctor next ♪ if you know what i mean ♪ that ride is cooler than a limousine ♪ handle the curves ♪
4:57 am
. . . . should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
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5:00 am
steve: it is 2:00 in paris right now in the afternoon and we start with a fox news aall right. a terror investigation is underway in suburban paris neighborhood where a driver deliberately mowed down six soldiers. this is brand new video showing immediate aftermath of the scene outside of a barracks where the manhunt for the driver of the bmw is intense filing. brian: authorities say the dark bmw waited outside the barracks and accelerated quickly when the soldiers came out to go on patrol. they're still trying to find the guys. ainsley: three of six soldiers are seriously hurt. they are a part of a anti-terror unit that has been guarding the city since the 2016 terrorist attacks. that is scary as they say this person targeted them. they're an ant at the terror law enforcement group trying to keep people save and yet you have this guy trying to run them over.
5:01 am
steve: these particular soldiers are part of a unit created back in 2015 in the wake of the "charlie hebdo" publication massacre. some people in the neighborhood thought it was just an exercise, a drill, because that's what these people do, they practice for this kind of situation. yet in this case those ambulances and emergency responding vehicles were heading that way because somebody tried to kill as many of them as possible. ainsley: dr. sebastian gorka, deputy assistant to president trump and joins from us the white house. dr. gorka, this is your specialty. we want to hear what you think about what is happening in paris and give us your expertise. >> we're seeing this occur again and again and again. we know jihadi groups out there whether it is al qaeda or whether it is isis called for attacks on the homeland what they call the infidels. we have to be cautious of course. there is a phrase in military studies, all initial reports from the battle field are false.
5:02 am
at this time we're not comment really in substance. we'll wait to see what the local authorities come up with. we'll decide whether to wade into a larger path. brian: this truck got out of control -- by the way we're seeing new video now, an overhead shot if you're listening on the radio it will not help but an overhead shot of the incident where the bmw allegedly ran over these soldiers. immediately on 422nd street putting up portable brick walls to make it impossible to run over pedestrians. they're looking at their sixth attack, 200 people wounded or killed in very short period of time? >> we've seen a statement of emergency declared in france previously. so they deployed troops, national assets to the highest trafficked areas. isis said, al qaeda state it, in their english language manuals,
5:03 am
think about this, theiring like language jihadi products, you must locate highest concentration of unarmed civilians. they're doing that. that pop concert in manchester. whether that christmas market in germany or in nice recently during the bastille day celebration. there is methodology. as a result there are things you can do as a nation-state, as security services to make it ever harder for them to attack you. ainsley: is it safe for us to go over to france? >> look, we'll not give in. we'll not surrender to the evil that is modern global jihadism. be sensible. have a tactical awareness what is going on around you. one of the most important things, i few up in the uk during the height of the ira, if you see something suspicious you have to tell somebody. this idea that you report it or you could be deemed islamaphobe, that has to end. if the people in san bernardino
5:04 am
had reported their neighbors doing suspicious activities those 14 people might be alive today. don't go around staring at your home all the time and if you see something suspicious report it. steve: let's talk about the lead story once again is north korea. the president of the united states warning north korea, he was up in bedminister, new jersey, warning them not to try anything stupid. they will be met with fire and fury that they have never seen. this was said about the president's comments yesterday. watch this. >> he think what the president is is doing, sending a strong message to north korea in language that kim jong-un would understand because he doesn't seem to understand diplomatic language. i think the president just wanted to be clear to the north korean regime that the u.s. unquestionable ability to defend itself, will defend itself is and its allies.
5:05 am
i think it was important that he deliver that message to avoid any miscalculation on their part. brian: that was rex tillerson moments ago. steve: now the president sent out a tweet in the last minute. he wrote the first tweet, "my first order as president was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal. it is more stronger and powerful than ever before. hopefully we well never have to use this power but there will never be a time that we're not the most powerful nation in the world." what is he saying there? >> he is saying don't test america and don't test donald j. trump. we are just not a superpower. we were a superpower. we are a hyper power, nobody in the world, especiallily not north korea, comes close to challenging our military capabilities. whether they're conventional, whether they're nuclear or whether they are special forces. so the message is very clear,
5:06 am
don't test this wheat house, pongyang. ainsley: dr. gorka, watch, we'll put up a full screen. i don't know if you can see it but i'll read it to you. shows amount of time it would take for a nuclear with to get here to the united states. steve: i bet he memorized it. ainsley: 38 to 39 minutes in new york. los angeles 33 to 34. hawaii only 20 minutes. should we be concerned about this? >> we're not taking the actions that we've taken especially at united nations security council which was a historic vote this weekend. we're not taking them because there is a historic threat. we're taking them because north korea is a grave threat to quote president, secretary mattis, secretary tillerson, grave threat to the united states and the region. look at phrase from the cold war, correlation of forces. we are a hyper power. north korea is very, very insignificant threat in terms of scale.
5:07 am
they have this capability that they are blackmail the west but you never give in to dictators and you never give in to blackmail. that is why north korea has to de-escalate right now. brian: china is calling on all parties to avoid any words or actions that might escalate the situation or make even greater efforts to resolve the issue via talks. kind of referring to the president's tone of fire and fury. china is critical of the president. what is your reaction to say china saying ratchet it down? >> the ball is in north korea's court. china is permanent member of the national security council. brian: but they don't zoom to understand the problem. they say the president should ratchet it down. >> everybody knows the ball is in pongyang's court. they can send a very simple signal, a signal that costs them nothing. they stop the rhetoric and stop missile testing. if they do that, they signal to the world, okay, we get it, we've lost all our friends.
5:08 am
we painted ourself into a corner and we're not going to escalate anymore. that is all they need to do. rex tillerson was clear, stop the testing, stand down the rhetoric and we understand you understand. steve: sure. the key, dr. george today, whether or not in north korea we're dealing with somebody sane and rational. are we? >> look at last 30 years of activity under this leader or his father or grandfather, it is a pattern. no matter how strange and hyper hyper -- hyperbolic their words are, they're trying to extort things out of the west. this was facilitated under white house of bill clinton. the obama white house made it even worse. this is extortion, nothing less. steve: dr. gorka, are you saying they have built an atom i can
5:09 am
bomb to sheikh us down for sufficient? >> it is absolutely clear. this is regime so stalinist it can not provide for its own people it has to extort concessions for the west. their people are starving, think about that. starving. this is the last heart of cuba as well, china, last hardcore stalinist regime out there. as such their lifeline is china and extorting concessions from thes with but it has to end now. brian: fire and fury was the president's rhetoric yesterday. i think he is about fed up. seems as if he was reading if it was prepared and we know it is alliteration, is that something the chairman of joint chiefs of staff dunford and secretary mattis signed off on or talked to the president about before he took that tone? >> brian, we don't give away internal mechanisms here, but let's look at last section months.
5:10 am
what we've done in afghanistan what we've done in iraq and cruise missile strikes. actions peek of the president. we get great talking points from the team. believe it or not i have great talking point from this interview. the fact who approves them and who seas yes or no, we'll keep that as inside baseball. steve: i have a a feeling hyper power was on the talking points today, from superpower to hyper power is something new? >> maybe. maybe. you can use it. ainsley: dr. gorka, you were talking about the leader, fascinating to hear you talk about kim jong-un and his father and grandfather, how do you take a leader like this out? how do they stay in power for so long without the people getting fed he up if they are starving, if they are starving as people? >> we have to be clear here, whether it is any other nation of this kind has illegitimate regime, whether venezuela or north korea. we want to be friends with the
5:11 am
people of these nations. we're not against north koreans. we're not against venezuelans. it is regimes that are the problem, illegitimate dictatorial regimes that don't al descent, first amendment rights, that is the issue. what we do with those regimes, right now we want the escalation to end. the irony, great paradoxes north korea states that it is taking are for its own national security. everyone of the it is actions they have taken undermines their national security. of this he to understand when they ratchet it up if doesn't make things better for them it makes things worse for them and their regime. for interests of the north korean people we wish to see the regime ratchet back because it is good for everybody. brian: they don't see it, most of them don't even have electricity. ainsley: true. brian: chuck schumer came out after the president said fire
5:12 am
and fury, reckless rhetoric is not a strategy to keep america safe. dianne feinstein, president trump is not helping the situation with the bombastic comments. this from a republican with, chairman of the armed services in the senate, the kind of rhetoric i'm not sure how it helps. ainsley: that was john mccain, that is john mccain. you're shaking your head. what is your reaction to american lawmakers turning against the president's words? >> brian, whether seven-fold increase in leaks out of this administration in comparison to obama or bush, or whether it is these kinds of statements it is saddens me. these are the moments when we have to come together as a nation and support the executive. whether you voted for him or not, whether they're democrat or whether they are be republican these are trying times. during the cuban missile crisis we stood behind jfk. this is analogous to the cuban missile crisis.
5:13 am
we need to come together. anybody, whether they're a member of congress or whether they're a journalist, if you think your party politics, your ideology trumps things in security of america, that is an indictment of you, and you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself, what is more important, my political party or america? there is only one correct answer to that. steve too indeed. dr. sebastian gorka on the north lawn of the white house. we could hear they're moving stuff around. it is restoration and renovation. ainsley: beep, beep, beep. steve: thank you, dr. gorka. >> thank you. brian: senator mitch mcconnell the majority leader, that president trump's expectations are too high. is that the reason republicans can't get anything done in congress? are the president's expect attentions the problem? ainsley: do you want to watch "fox & friends" while working out? not that gym. because it causes too much drama. brian: are you kidding? >> us?
5:14 am
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s ♪ steve: some people have been disappointed that the u.s. senate was not able to do something about obamacare. right now it is teetering on the
5:18 am
verge of imploding. yesterday the house majority -- rather the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made it very clear, hey, don't blame us. the president, he is not realistic how washington works. watch this. here is from florence kentucky at the rotary club. >> part of the reason i think that the storyline is that we haven't done much is because in part the president and others have set these early timelines about things need to be done by a certain point. our new president has not been in this line of work before, and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen. in the democratic process. brian: how about nothing has happened? they have passed almost nothing of substance. he also knows better than anybody else if you don't get it done months before the midterm election then nothing gets done.
5:19 am
you had some time to get ready, should the president win. certainly time in the majority of the president they are not ready. they were not ready to push the president's nominees for war and fast. ainsley: instead of complaining, taking a recess and break, fine, go back to the senate, work it out, get it done for the american people. if you need more time, whatever time you need, get it done but don't complain about it. don't have victim mentality. steve: what is interesting he is complaining that the president doesn't realize how long stuff takes in washington. we're not in the senate working by old rules, old-fashioned way, regular order, committee meeting hearings, figure things out, debate on the floor and amendments. we're not doing that in the senate anymore. what they do write bills in secret. they airdrop them in on the floor and rammed through on party line votes. he is complaining we don't have time. the way they do it, he has plenty of time to do that. ainsley: maybe we need to change the system. maybe this is what the president is talking about draining the swamp.
5:20 am
maybe long, lengthy parliamentary whatever procedure or system they have takes forever. we're halfway through a year and repeal and replace hasn't happened, tax reform hasn't happened. we're losing confidence it will happen at all. brian: of this to raise the debt ceiling, pass a budget, do tax reform for the calendar year. ainsley: good luck. brian: he is speaking to the rotary club back home. ainsley: taking a recess. brian: after he promised to stay through august or at least middle of august. ainsley: vacation. brian: unbelievable. that is not realistic, not realistic that you stop working. >> you can't things done if you're not in the senate. brian: unbelievable! steve: he said the president has not been in this line of work before. i think people like that. brian: he gets things done ahead of deadline. that's the problem. ainsley: how do you feel about it? we clearly have strong opinions. brian: what an embarassment. steve: meanwhile president trump predicted north korea would one day have nuclear weapons. that was back in 1999. he is so right it is scary.
5:21 am
brian: tim russert, democratic candidate of congress shunned by his own part he is found out he is pro-life. so much for being enexclusive. he will join us live.t easy t ♪ hmm. i can't decide if this place is swag or bling. it's pretzels. word. ladies, you know when you switch, you get my bomb-diggity discounts automatically. ♪ no duh, right? [ chuckles ] sir, you forgot -- keep it. you're gonna need it when i make it precipitate. what, what? what? what, what? poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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♪ ainsley: good wednesday morning back with quick headlines. an accused cop killer is finally behind bars after intense two days of round-the-clock searching. ian mccarthy captured walking along a missouri highway, not far where officer michael was killed. he killed him moments after he pulled him over a traffic stop. officer michael was a rookie cop and army veteran.
5:25 am
leaves behind a wife, three kids and a grandchild. tiger woods plans to plead not guilty to dui charges. the golf superstar who won't appear at his florida arraignment hearing was arrested back in may. he was asleep behind the wheel but he claims it was a reaction to prescription medication. he struggled during a sobriety test and took multiple tests. he had no alcohol in his blood at the time of his arrest. what bowe bergdahl heard in can't activity won't be heard in court, that is decision by a judge ahead of his october court-martial. two people that were hurt searching for bergdahl will be allowed to testify. bergdahl is charged with desertion and faces life in prison. he was captured by the taliban in 2009 and freed as part of a controversial prisoner swap in 2014. that are the headlines. back to you, ainsley. ainsley: good deal. the democratic party are anxious to pick up seats in congress.
5:26 am
they're changing their strategy by having pro-life candidates. chairman of the democrat ekh campaign committee saying quote, there is not litmus test for democratic candidates. as we look at candidates across the country, you need candidates that can win these districts across america. the hot button issue is coming to the forefront in arkansas's most populous second district with a pro-life democratic candidate who is also a farmer and a teacher and on the ballot for the very first time. joining us that democratic congressional candidate, paul censor. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: if you're pro-life, why are you a democrat? >> well, the, my stance on pro-life issues extends vastly more than just espousing that somebody be born. i think that life is sacred from the moment of conception. but i also think that same life
5:27 am
needs, that dignity of that life needs to be upheld to all stages of that life. so, you know, i believe that this life is sacred. once the child's born i believe that we have a responsibility to support the mother. you know, a lot of times you have crisis pregnancies and a lot of types there just aren't the social safety nets in place help entice a person's experiencing a crisis pregnancy to bring that child to term. so i believe that we need to support life through all of its stages. i think that the democratic party is very good about, at least, has had a track record of being very good espousing those types of programs. ainsley: even though they supported planned parenthood and want to fund planned parenthood, how do you feel about that? >> i think that you have established case law now, and a lot of people look at institution like planned parenthood, but we see in instances like texas where
5:28 am
access to planned parenthood has been he reduced, that the abortion rate has gone up and maternal deaths have gone up. whereas i am a pro-life candidate, and i believe deeply in pro-life issues i also have to look at this somewhat more pragmatic way and, and, my personal opinion on planned parenthood is i would be hesitant about he defunding it at this time. i think until medicaid for all type of program that can provide assistance to the child and mothers and other types of screenings for breast cancer and so forth, it is folly to just use the, you know, kind of a giant eraser and erase all the social safety net programs. that is a very controversial program, i give you that. ainsley: there has been a lot of groups that are pro-choice that have come out saying that they don't think that if you are pro-life you should be a democrat. they don't want you to run.
5:29 am
i'm sure you heard about some of these comments that have been made from different organizations and from different celebrities. what is your reaction to that? >> well, here in arkansas, we're kind of a different, kind of a political animal down here. we tend to think for ourselves in a lot of ways and the party down here, and its chairman, michael john gray made it very clear this is an open tent party here in arkansas and i've been very pleased with the reception that i have gotten. that is not to say there have been individuals, you know, that have not said things about my candidacy, and i'm sure there will be more that do that but i have not seen any kind of organized pushback against my candidacy per se, particularly, again i want to say the party here has been very welcoming to me. ainsley: paul, we wish all the best. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much for having me.
5:30 am
ainsley: you're welcome. the trump administration working to unlock peaceful talks with north korea. our next guest says china is the key. former cia analyst fred flight with a look at that scenario coming up next. want to watch "fox & friends" while you're working out? not at that gym because it causes too much drama. there is janice dean. ♪ you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy.
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5:34 am
nuclear or whether they're special forces. the message is very clear, don't test this white house, pyongyang. brian: it is president trump now, that was sebastian gorka a short time on our show but the president of the united states been thinking about president for quite some time. we know that. what he burst on the scene in the '80s, did an interview on phil donahue show and pat nixon saw it, my goodness to former president of the united states, you check out donald trump he think he will be president of the night one day. richard nixon, pat is a political genius, you have to be president. he kept that note on display. that was not only time he was on the national stage talking about major issues. ainsley: he sat down with the former tim russert who sinced passed away but in '99 they sat down, tim russert asked him what do you think about north korea? >> you say you as president would be willing to launch a preemptive strike against north korea's nuclear
5:35 am
capability? >> i would negotiate. i would negotiate like crazy. these people in three or four years will have nuclear weapons. they will have those weapons pointed all over the world an specifically at the united states. wouldn't it be good to sit down and really negotiate something, and i do mean negotiate? if that negotiation doesn't work, you better solve the problem now than solve later, tim. you know it, every politician knows it, but nobody want to talk about. they virtually bribed him and they are laughing at us. they think we're a bunch of dumb he mys. you want to do it five years when they have warheads all over the place, pointing to new york city an washington is that when you want to do it? you better do something now. steve: we didn't. he was back in '99 talking about first negotiate. second, last case scenario preemptive strike. ainsley: shouldn't have gone on the road, campaign trail, played video from the '90s. because his stance hasn't changed. brian: he was right. it was going to get worse if we didn't do anything. ainsley: and it did.
5:36 am
>> here we are today. bring in cia analyst fred flight. what do you think of then private citizen donald trump suggesting you negotiate first where we're at right now, and if that doesn't work, then, then you start i thinking about a shooting war? >> well, it is great to be here. i think the president recognizes that a weak united states is a extremely destablizing. let me point out something about this "washington post" report. we haven't heard the white house complain was a leak. it wasn't a leak. it was authorized disclosure to advance the president's policy, legitimate use of intelligence. let me tell you something you may not know. this actually isn't news. dia believed this since 2013. we know this congressman doug lamborn said during an april 2013 house hearing this was the case. but the obama administration tried to hide this information because it did not want to take action. it didn't want anything on the table that would prevent it from kicking this to the next president.
5:37 am
that mr. trump's position. steve: fred, let's talk about what "the washington post" said. north korea figured away to make a atomic bomb so small they can put it on the tip of an icbm, an intercontinental ballistic missile. and hit the united states. in that same article there is no certainty whether or not they perfected the warhead reentry into our atmosphere and not disintegrating before it gets to its target. >> there are questions about the nuclear program whether they have reentry vehicle and reliability of their missiles has generally been very low. frankly if they perfect a miniaturized nuclear weapon the reliability will not be a big issue. brian: right. when you look at the challenge right now with the president's rhetoric yesterday we feel like we're at a point we have never been at before, do you like what the president did a month ago when he complimented the leader or prefer what he did yesterday, fire and fury is coming in your direction if you don't change your tone? >> i think what the president did yesterday was trying to
5:38 am
reflect the situation we're in. we've seen similar rhetoric by president truman and by president kennedy and realize he is reacting to a u.s. enemy repeatedly threatened to attack the united states with nuclear weapons and put videos on the internet of washington, d.c., being nuked. i think the president said enough is enough. ainsley: sound like he also was maybe doing that first part, negotiating while trying to compliment them. when that didn't work, double down, triple down, now taking it to another level. sanctions didn't work. negotiating didn't work. now we might be forced to even put ground troops in or fire back. here is what is scary though. we were looking at time frame how long it would take a nuclear weapon to make it to the states. new york city, 38 to 39 minutes. chicago, 37 to 38 minutes. los angeles, 33 to 34 minutes. hawaii, it only takes 20 minutes. should we be worried?
5:39 am
>> i am not worried anytime soon, because if north korea attempted that, missile might fail and we would shoot it down and we'd turn their country into a parking lot. increased rhetoric is aimed at china. china has to stop cheatings on sanctions. china has to put more diplomatic pressure on north korea than it has before to address this threat. brian: have to get china's attention bolstering up missile defense with our allies in the area. they hate that. >> that is right. they do not want the thaad missile system in the region. there are steps they would not support. they would not let an oil embargo be part of last weekend's resolution. that was a shame. that is the next step we should do. my friend gordon chang there are a number of non-military steps can be taken to address the situation. i think mr. trump is putting pressure on chinese to say we'll have to start implementing them. steve: ball is in their court. ainsley: mr. fred fleitz, thank you for being with us. jillian with headlines.
5:40 am
jillian: what you need to know before you head out the door including a new story, we have new details right now. a dating app may have lured two texas machine to their deaths. two men were targeting asian men for robberies when they contacted the two men. solomon's body was found in ebb about. there has been no sign of win since he disappeared in march. both cars were found abandoned in an area outside of houston. cousins brandon lyons and jared allen are suspected in the deaths. they aren't accused of using solomon's car and win's considered cards. a gym in suburb in kansas city, missouri, barned cable news at their tvs. element fitness says it is cuttings down on drama and arguments. gym members say the new policy is ridiculous. >> if four television sets surely one has something you like. you shouldn't get the say the
5:41 am
other three can't have what other people like. that is not what my dad fought for at all. jillian: we want to know what you think. email us friends at tribute to the rhinestone cowboy, glen campbell. ♪ like a roin stone cowboy riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo ♪ jillian: campbell road into superstardom with that hit and others. some of the others, by the time i get to phoenix, that is one of many. he was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease in 2011. he released his final album in june called, adios. larry gatlin one of his friends, joined us to talk about him. >> i didn't invite him to my golf tournament, gatlin brothers muscular dystrophy tournament in dallas. next time we played governor.
5:42 am
why didn't you invite me? glen i know you get 100. you cheated me out after chance to be a blessing to somebody. that is the kind of guy he was. >> his daughter tweeting this picture. heartbroken. i owe him everything i half and everything i will be. he will be remembered with so well and with so much love. glen campbell was 81 years old. send it back to you guys. steve: the wichita lineman. brian: what a legacy. 18 minutes before the top of the hour, secretary of state rex tillerson firing back after north korea's latest nuclear threat. what he just said. we're live in washington next to relay it. steve: miami-dade's mayor bucking the trend and complying with president trump's sanctuary city policy. our next guest says other mayors should consider following his lead. ♪ shawn evans: it's 6 am.
5:43 am
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. brian: back with a fox news alert and here we go again. the secretary of state responding to president trump's fierce words yesterday as north korea's erratic dictator triples down on his threat to nuke us. ainsley: american airmen are arriving ready to fight in guam. look at those pictures. steve: griff jenkins in washington with breaking details >> reporter: thank you, steve and brian. secretary of state tillerson is arriving in guam, that americans should sleep well at night in face of threats from north korea. he addressed the president's stern warning yesterday to the communist dictator. >> what the president is doing is sending a strong message to north korea in language that kim jong-un would understand because he doesn't seem to understand diplomatic language.
5:47 am
the u.s., unquestionable ability to defend itself, will defend itself and its allies. >> reporter: the president is also tweeting this morning, quote, my first order as president to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal. it is far stronger and more powerful than ever before, continuing hopefully we will never have to use this power but there will never be a time that we're not the most powerful nation in the world. this comes with troubling news that the rogue regime produced a miniature nuclearized warhead fitting on the tip after missile. residents in guam can rest easy that the south dakota airmen ready to fight with the pacific forces. south dakota airmen arrive on guam, conduct bilateral missions with japan and republic of korea, u.s., ready to hashtag, fight tonight. b-1 bombers continue the flights over the peninsula. all eyes are on china to see how and if they will respond.
5:48 am
steve: indeed, #fight tonight. griff, thank you very much. brian: russia and china both want us to ratchet down the language and the rhetoric. steve: maybe it will work though. ainsley: we should be calm and we shouldn't respond. brian: why should we? steve: that worked out so great. ainsley: all right. miami-dade county mayor bucking the trend and complying with president trump's anti-sanctuary city policy. our next guest says other mayors should follow his lead. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief uses unique mistpro technology and helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief. flonase sensimist. ♪
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5:51 am
ainsley: tough talk from the commander-in-chief as tensions with north korea ratchet up. what is our next move? following confirmation of the rogue regime's new nuclear capabilities? the hunt is on in france for a driver who plowed into a group of soldiers. we have developing things there. six injured at least. he sped away but he may be in
5:52 am
custody now. the senate's top republican says the president has excessive expectations how things get done on capitol hill. are disney apps spying on your kids? a new lawsuit claiming that the entertainment giant is collecting information on its youngest customers. we'll see you at the top of the hour for "america's newsroom." [. steve: chicago he mayor rahm emanuel may be fighting the trump administration over chicago's sanctuary status but a completely different situation down in florida where the miami-dade county mayor said his city is ready to follow the law. mayor carlos jimenez i'm happy to make the report that the justice department that the county is in compliance and we're eligible for 2016 is byrne jag funding. with that miami-dade is set to
5:53 am
receive over 400,000 in funding. here is miami resident, megatv news anchor elvira salazar. >> thanks for having me. steve: what us did the the mayor of miami-dade get that rahm emanuel does not? >> the first thing i would like to share with you as i told you, i feel very embarrassed every time i have to come on national television and talk about sanctuary cities because our fellow americans are going to think that we hispanic-americans, we want to protect criminals. so we look like a bunch imbeciles or idiots. i don't like that. i think that this whole thing about sanctuary cities, it's a very big problem and if we would have some clear grade lines from the feds as to who is he deportable we would not be having this conversation on national television. that is difference between jimenez and rahm emanuel. right now the feds have not given a clear guideline as to
5:54 am
who, who do they want? the gang members, the rapists, the murderers but not the cleaning ladies. that is where the mayors don't know what to do. they want to comply with the feds but they do not want to create chaos in their communities. steve: elvira, i think what i.c.e. has been very clear about and the department of justices, if you have somebody we want, just let us know in advance you're about to let them go, we'll pick them up if have criminal charges pending against them. so there is a difference about who i.c.e. is looking for. it is not the average person in this country who is undocumented. it is the criminal element. >> that would be ideal. what you said is right on the money. that is exactly what we agree. we're 55 million hispanics, 18 percent of the population, the largest minority. i assure you, steve, everybody in my community would agree if the feds are calling for the gang member and the rapists and
5:55 am
the murderer, and the man who killed kate stipe lee in san francisco, we don't have any problems because those people could be killing our children. steve: absolutely. >> kate didn't have a little sign here hey, i'm american come shoot at me. it could have been me or one of my two daughters. what i'm saying that the feds are sometimes picking up the cleaning lady or the evangelist in california, this guy was a pastor, born-again christian pastor, who had american kids, had no criminal record and he was still picked up and deported of the that's the problem. steve: what is rahm emanuel talking about though? out in chicago they refuse to cooperate with i.c.e. when it is very clear that they are looking for the criminal element? people he who have been charged or there are pending charges or who have been deported half a dozen times? >> i think rahm emanuel is afraid what i just told you, that sometimes, in some occasions, say the 25,000 people
5:56 am
that have been he deported under the trump administration, let's say that 20% have had no criminal record. steve: right. >> the cleaning lady. steve: sure. >> that is when, a group that is the group that is confusing the rest. i go back to my main argument. give us clear guidelines. listen, obama in 2009 is, did the same thing that jimenez is doing right now under a program called secure community. steve: that is exactly right. thank you very much for sharing your perspective this morning live from miami. >> thank you. steve: all right. it is 8:56 here in new york city. we're going to step away, two men's from avenue of the americas in the heart of midtown manhattan. ♪ allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes. and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear with claritin-d.
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